A Fresh Perspective on Power

The defence of our planet’s environment is the great calling of
our time.

We answer this calling by developing tailor-made and sustainable power solutions for our clients – helping them generate cleaner energy and use it more efficiently.

A solar power plant, made up of an array of photovoltaic solar panels and showing trees in between the sets of panels

Renewable Power Generation

Full service, tailor-made projects of various sizes, scopes, and types

Green leaf under a microscope with individual cells visible

About Us

We are a multinational team of specialists from the energy and other industries, and we combine our diversity of culture, knowledge, and experience to make sustainable power more accessible.

Benefits of Dealing with Us


We take an innovative approach to Renewable Power Generation and Storage Technologies.

Extensive Footprint

We can rapidly initiate and scale-up projects in over 40 countries across Africa and other parts of the world.

Technology Agnostic

We are not tied to any single manufacturer or technology type, instead we utilise the best available solutions and equipment to tailor-make the best solution for you.

Projects of Any Size

We develop grid-tied (including “islandable” options), off-grid, and backup power projects with capacity from 100kW to 100MW and above, on a full ownership, shared savings, or power purchase agreement (PPA) basis.